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Since I was a child I wandered under the stars, looking for magic outside of me, not knowing that it was already living within me. I started the practice of yoga in 2010, through the practice, I acknowledged that by connecting to my physical body I could  tap into my own emotional trauma, and use my breath in poses in order to move stuck energy. By starting my own healing,  I became motivated to teach yoga while guiding those who want to dive into their own healing, so I decided to take my first teacher training in 2015, being followed by different trainings around the world. 

My teaching is inspired by Forrest Yoga, created by master yogi Ana T. Forrest. This is an intelligent asana system focused on connecting the core, being strong and centered; to use the power of breath to bring aliveness into every cell of your body and ignite your passion for living. Each practice is designed to be focused on different areas and issues of the body; as you hold the poses and connect to a deep breathing the practice becomes a movement meditation, where you are aware of sensations and can track and follow stuck emotions and trauma, making the experience on the mat a tool to your daily life. 


I also incorporate and apply Buddhist philosophy into my life; which resonated with me most deeply after practicing different religions and reading about different beliefs and philosophies. 


Both yoga and Buddhism are focused on teaching how to act with awareness, embrace the human experience, and live in the present moment. I'm inspired by a particular teaching at the intersection of both systems: to live with an open heart by accepting with compassion whatever arises and to treat every being with kindness to bring benefit to one another. 


By accepting our vulnerability we have the space to grow into a better Self; by listening to our intuition we live in alignment with our Spirit, with our integrity; by being rooted to the present moment we let our suffering to be our greatest teacher. 


My training has been a meaningful path for seeking and connecting to my own truth as a person, practitioner, and teacher.  It’s been also the place where I could feel safe and secure, where I met the people that is also walking the same path, the people that inspire me. 


My teaching has allowed me to be there for others, to hold a safe space, where the layers we build around the heart can fall apart and vulnerability can be shown, where the students become also my teachers. 


For Questions and Inquiries please contact me

Classes are held in English

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