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Mother Circle
& Women Circle

Women Circle are mini Retreats form your busy Day. We met as a group, where you'll be safe to talk and listen. 

Our Nervous system needs time to recover and plug out of any responsibility. We move from doing to just being.

This results in peace within. You draw new energy for your everyday life, strength for a loving support of your family.

When you feel calm within, you radiate it out into the world and reach other people around you with your light.

Manuela Gyr und Regina Minger host regular Women and Mother Circle at Lachen, Wangen and as a new Location at Bäch.

They understand the importance of Community and especially getting Women together to support und strengthen each other. 

For English Groups please contact Regina. 

Image by Zach Reiner

Haus Wabi Sabi

Mother Circle 12.12 | 9 am | with Childcare

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Lilly - der Raum für Frauen

no plans yet

Yoga Studio

no plans yet

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